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Junior + Membership


Great meeting at the club this morning with Scottish Golf's Chief Executive Andrew McKinlay re' our Junior + membership. Many thanks for taking the time Andrew and the tweet.

COVID-19 (Course Closed)


Further to the government’s instructions that the UK will be put in lockdown, we have no alternative but to close the golf course with immediate effect. The clubhouse and Pro Shop will also be closed. This has been taken with due regard to government guidance, but also with social responsibility to limit the spread of illness.

Stay safe and take care.

Greens on. Social Distancing an absolute must!


All 18 greens in play. If you are able to play please ensure you follow all recommended guidelines on social distancing at all times.

17 Greens in play


After inspection from the greenkeepers there are 17 greens in play, the 7th hole is the only winter green in play.

Cold Start


A cold start to the day, I think most winter greens will be in play today to start with due to the hard frost from last night.

Course Open.


Fantastic looking morning albeit a bit on the chilly side. Course open for play. All guidelines regarding distancing must be adhered to. Locker room open to collect equipment. Pro Shop open and catering providing takeaway morning rolls.

Greens in play and cut.


All greens which have been cut now in play.

Frosty, Temporary Greens.


A frosty start to the day means all temporary greens are in play. Hopefully this will clear quickly and the full greens can go on.

Bright Spring Morning


Its a lovely bright morning with the golf course open and all greens on.

Most Green On


I haven't heard from the greenstaff however I am pretty certain that most if not all greens will be in play. If I hear any different I will update.

Bright Start


A bright start to the day with 17 greens on.

Greens on, tees being cut.


I think most if not all greens will be in play today. Tees are being cut and fed on one of the best mornings of the year so far.

3 winter greens in play today


After inspection from the greenkeeper, there are 3 winter greens in play today. Holes 5,10 and 12 all have winter greens on.

Another wet start


Not a nice start to the day, the course is open however. I'm still waiting to hear from the greenkeepers regarding what greens are in play.

All greens look like they are on.


Looks like most if not all greens are in play. If I hear any different following the greenstaffs inspection I will post.



Course open with temporary greens in play due to frost. When or if there is any change I will post.

Course closed.


Another night of heavy rain and snow in some places means the course is closed today.

Open with temporary greens.


The course is open with temporary greens in play. Care must be taken on any uneven ground due to the risk of slipping.

Another 15 mm of rain through the night!


The course is currently closed. The greenstaff will continue to monitor conditions as well as the forecast and if there is any change I will update.

10 Greens in Play.


The course is very wet after the rain last night so only 10 greens in play today.

13 Greens On


It's a sunny but cold start to the morning. The course is open today, 13 full greens in play, still abit wet underfoot so please be cautious if playing.

All greens in play.


Looks like all the greens are play. If there is any change after the course inspection I will update.

18 Greens in Play


All greens now in play after being cut and top dressed.

Temporary greens due to frost.


Temporary greens in play due to the frost. If /when this changes I will update.

Greens Going On


The frost has lifted and most full greens are now going on.



A frosty start to the day therefor all temp greens are in play, if any full greens go on I will update.

Slight frost but hopefully no change.


It doesn't look like the slight frost has had an affect on how many greens are in play. If I hear any different from the greenstaff I will update.

Blue sky and Sun at last!!


Stunning morning (for a change!) 17 greens in play. If the 12th goes back on I will update.



What a difference a day makes. Course open and 17 greens in play.

Course closed.


The course is closed today due to the heavy rainfall, which has left areas of the course flooded.