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Junior + Membership


Great meeting at the club this morning with Scottish Golf's Chief Executive Andrew McKinlay re' our Junior + membership. Many thanks for taking the time Andrew and the tweet.

Cold Start


The course is open although there has been more rain over night. Its getting colder now too so time to layer up. No buggies.

Cold Start


The course is open although there has been more rain over night. Its getting colder now too so time to layer up. No buggies.

Cold Start


It's a cold start to the day, with a freezing fog early on that is beginning to clear now. The course is open, but it is still wet underfoot. So we advice members to take caution when playing.

More Showers


Although very wet the course is open and today's stroke competition is on.

Wet underfoot!


Another day of showers and wind, not ideal by any means but the course is open. No buggies.

Very wet


Its very wet under foot but the course is open, no buggies however.

Open (at the moment!)


The course is currently still open. Michael is carrying out an inspection and I will post with an update as soon as I have heard from him.

Tuesday Medal


Medal is on however given the underfoot conditions it has been impossible for the greens staff to cut the greens and the pins have been set in the driest parts of the green. Buggy's are permitted but must be kept to the fairways. paths and well away from the greens themselves. Care needs to be taken when walking especially on slopes/uneven ground.

Course Open


The course is now open. All greens are in play other than any that are being worked on by the greens staff. There will only be one at a time. There will be no buggy's permitted.

Course closed Sign still out.


The course closed sign is still out. I am waiting to hear from Michael whether/when it will be opening. As soon as I hear I will post.

Course Closed


Course is closed today after the heavy rainfall throughout the night. Lots of puddles all over the course.

New Lithium Buggy's


New Lithium Buggy's arrived. Given the significant difference in weight it is hoped that they will be able to be used far more regularly during the Winter months.

October Medal


Dry , flat calm and quite mild at the moment. Hopefully it remains this way for the rest of the day and the last Saturday Medal of the year

Very wet


Not surprisingly the course is very wet after last night's rain. As a consequence there will be no buggys permitted today.Quiet tee today with no reservations or bookings. Given the underfoot conditions care needs to be taken especially on slopes etc.

Cold Start


A very cold start with a bit of frost on the ground for a quiet looking day at the club.

A Touch of Frost


Other than the ground frost it's a great start to the day. I'm still waiting to hear the status of the greens but there is a good chance there will be temporary surfaces until the frost lifts.



Cold East wind blowing making for tough(er) conditions in today's Stableford.

Holiday Monday


Lovely start for the holiday Monday. Very quiet tee at the moment with no reservations or bookings.

Sunday Stableford


Cold start but the course is open with preferred lies for todays sunday stableford. Still wet underfoot so be cautious while playing.

September Medal


Excellent conditions for today's Medal and the course has dried out well enough from yesterday for buggys to be permitted.

Wet underfoot!


Relatively quiet day at the club today with no block bookings/reservations. Underfoot conditions are still very wet as the soil is saturated with all the rain there's been therefore buggy's will not be permitted today. As always care must be taken on any slopes or uneven ground

Quiet Day


A quiet day at the club if you are willing to brave the rain showers.



Lovely start to the day and conditions are currently excellent for today's Medal.

Stroke & Junior Golphin Event


Another decent start to the day and conditions are currently excellent for today's Stroke competition. Hopefully it will remain like this for the Golphin Junior Event which gets started at 2pm. The tee is reserved for this until 4pm.

Course closed until fog clears


The course is covered in thick fog so there will be no play until it clears and we can see the bunker on the first fairway from the tee. There is a small visiting group who have the tee reserved from 10:30 - 11:15. There are no other tee reservations or bookings.

Quiet Day


Another quiet day and it should be dry so make the most of it.

Ladies Stableford/Senior Medal


Another relatively quiet day at the club with no tee reservations or block bookings. The course continues to dry out however once again care should be taken when walking on any sloped. Buggys are permiited.

GGU Team Match


It's a nice start to the day, with all greens in play today. The tee is booked between 11 and 12 for the Glasgow Golf Union county match versus Lanarkshire.